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So I've indulged in the hype. I've always liked vampire novels and I was very interested in the twilight series when I saw the huge line at Barnes and Noble for the last book's release party. Since I'm a college student and don't read anything but text books, I got the unabridged audio book on my ipod and listened to the first book on my way to and from Mississippi. I think that the book is a bit angsty especially since I'm 25 and the book is from the point of view of a 17 year old. That's not exactly bad though. I suppose that it's actually an accomplishment for the author that the language of the book sound like it's coming from the mouth of a teenager.
A couple of things made me curious though. Even though the author completely reinvented the profile of the vampire, a couple of vamp features stay consistent through all of my books. They are all cold, pale, and have dark circles under their eyes. I don't find the attractive. As humans there are features that we subconsciously look for in a mate. We look for healthy mates for breeding. We look for warm and rosy flesh, a good natural color of the skin, bright whites of the eyes, etc. Every author who writes vamp books try and make the lead male roll sound as enticing and as handsome as possible, but I just don't find these men attractive.
Another issue I have (within the twilight series in particular) is how Edward seems to treat Bella like his child. I understand the whole protective nature, but there were moments in the story when it seemed as if a father was talking to his daughter. Bella would want to do something, Edward would say no in firm way, and Bella would do this pouting but why argument. Granted Edward is a hundred years Bella's senior, but still. It kind of weird’s me out at times.



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